When Love Goes Bad

By Noel H. Benedict


When love goes bad, you might think Noel Benedict is the last person you will need to call.  He should be the first.  You need a lawyer and you need a good one--someone with talent and experience; because once a charge of domestic abuse, domestic violence, or family violence has been made, you are in trouble that is far too big to go to court alone and unrepresented. It does not matter whether you did not do what you are accused of--once someone has made the charge, even if she/he wants to drop the charges, it is too late.  It is out of their hands.  The police are given more latitude to determine who is at fault in a domestic argument between two people; and if they choose you, it means trouble and a high stakes, complicated legal process.  To weather that process you need to call 770 277 4944 and ask for Noel Benedict.


Adding to the serious stakes at play in domestic violence cases are the prosecutors who take this crime very seriously and have a mandate to go after the perpetrator as charged. It does not matter if the accuser changes her or his mind and does not want to testify or press charges:  the prosecutor's office moves forward with the case anyway.


What does that mean for you if you are the accused?   Just being charged could mandate that you leave your house and not see your kids until your name is cleared.  Conviction could mean that you may have to move out of your house temporarily or even permanently, even if you own the home and it is your main residence. Conviction can mean loss of custody, sometimes permanently, and can limit or completely stop visitation.  Conviction can mean that the court will mandate that you receive therapy and/or attend anger management group therapy.  Conviction means fines and probation, if not jail time.


No one goes into a relationship thinking you are going to have to call the police or file a Temporary Protective Order or attend a hearing to defend yourself from abuse charges.    Just the opposite.  But when you do have to, call Noel Benedict at  770 277 4944.  Going into a relationship, you probably assumed you would live happily ever after.  Except it doesn't always  happen that way.  Instead, sometimes what starts as passion in the relationship somehow spins out of control; love has turned into anything but love.


And the person you thought you were going to find happiness with has become your worst nightmare or at the very least given you a great big legal headache.   Verbal fights escalate.  Behaviors become controlling.  Anger issues come out fighting.  Chemistry turns to uncontrolled temper and abuse.


Common sense says step away from the relationship.  But sometimes it takes you just long enough to recognize an unhealthy relationship that the damage has already occurred.  When that happens, call Noel Benedict  770 277 4944, because you need a good attorney to minimize your damages.



When FAMILY VIOLENCE is all in the family:  Domestic or family abuse or violence is not limited to spouses and lovers.  Abuse does not always come from a love-gone-bad scenario.  In fact, domestic violence, also called FAMILY VIOLENCE or  DOMESTIC ABUSE, is not limited to people in a marital relationship.  People who report domestic violence may also be parents, grandparents, children, brothers, sisters, or anyone who is living within an intimate relationship with or dating another person.



What all the reporters do have in common is that they are in relationships which should be loving, but which have for various reasons become powder kegs of emotional or physical altercations.  If you are being abused, leave the relationship.  Don't wait till you or the person you loved get hurt.   If you are married and need a divorce, call attorney Noel Benedict.  If you are charged with DOMESTIC ABUSE, FAMILY ABUSE, OR DOMESTIC OR FAMILY VIOLENCE, don't let it ruin your life and your reputation.  Call an experienced attorney; call Noel Benedict at  770 277 4944.