Worker's Compensation

workmans compA serious worker’s compensation injury is one in which there is permanent, total, or permanent partial disability resulting from a work related accident.


In any serious workplace injury, hiring an attorney is extremely important because there may be liability beyond workers’ compensation insurance coverage. For example, a delivery man who slips and falls while delivering a package may have a premises liability claim for a slippery surface, or a salesperson who is hurt in a wreck while making sales calls during his or her workday may have a liability claim against the other driver.


A knowledgeable attorney will be able to help you maximize your coverage and recover for your damages.


Don’t ever take the insurer’s or the employer’s word for it that you do not have a claim. They may honestly think you don’t. Some employers may feel it is in their best financial interests to pay out of pocket for minor employee injuries to keep their insurance rates from rising. But it may not be in your best interest for them to do this.


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