Noel H. Benedict Buford, GA

Welcome to the law offices of Noel H. Benedict. For more than 30 years, we've been providing quality legal advice and representation to the people of Buford, GA.

As a practice that works on a wide variety of cases, we've had the opportunity to build relationships with numerous clients over the years. We want to assist you whether you need a personal injury lawyer, DUI attorney or divorce attorney, and work hard to defend your rights no matter what the situation.

To get started, we offer each and every client a free initial consultation. It's our firm belief that you shouldn't have to pay until you know you're getting the solid representation you deserve, and the free consultation is our way of showing our appreciation.

Often, the need for legal representation indicates a transition in your life. Sometimes it's an easy change, and at other times, it's incredibly difficult. As your lawyer, we'll do all we can to make this period easier and understandable, whether we're acting as a medical malpractice attorney or a truck accident lawyer.

How are we able to offer clients such superior service? We credit a few reasons. First, as a smaller firm, we are able to focus on our clients as well as remember all of their names. Second, our experience has earned us respect in the legal system, and we are on good terms with many local judges. Third, we provide you with a paralegal who will ensure that you are up to speed on all details of your case.

For the best representation in Buford, Ga., call the offices of Noel H. Benedict. We'll be honored to serve you.