Social Security Disability Insurance

social securityThe process of applying for social security benefits can be long and arduous at a time when you are already feeling very sick and disabled.


Unfortunately, there are no magic wands that make this process easy. Contact the nearest Social Security claims office and obtain an application. They will explain this process to you and give you brochures explaining the process.


Most people who apply for SSDI are initially rejected, so do not be surprised and become unnecessarily discouraged if this happens to you. The percentages are against your getting benefits in the initial decision. You will be given the opportunity to submit your application again for review by the state agency, but the odds are still not in your favor. The time to hire an attorney to help you is after your application has been submitted for review two times and received an unfavorable decision on both occasions.


This process may be lengthy, taking over a year from beginning to the time of the second denial. Prior to this, an attorney can do nothing except assure you that you are not alone and that this is a common occurrence. When it happens to you, it is not easy to feel objective about this rejection, but you must persevere in the process to eventually succeed.


When you call Noel H. Benedict & Associates, we give you a free and confidential consultation regarding your chances of winning an award of social security disability. We compile your complete medical treatment summary, contact the Social Security Administration and personally go to their offices to review your file to make sure it is complete and that nothing has been omitted or overlooked, and request a hearing. We work with you to ensure that your file is well documented and go with you to the hearing as your attorney advocate before an administrative judge for a final determination.


Choosing the right attorney makes a big difference in the end. Call us today to discuss your case.