Personal Injury

personal injuryIf you have been injured in any accident, injured on the job, or injured through someone else’s negligence or malpractice, or a product’s failure, Noel H. Benedict & Associates can assist you with your legal rights.


We have a substantial legal background based on 33 combined years of solid experience representing people who have been injured and are seeking compensation for their losses. We are experienced in both sides of “tort litigation,” that is, the handling of lawsuits involving injury claims of all kinds. We have gained this ability to analyze both sides of a case by having over two decades of insurance defense experience and claimant’s advocacy.


We can provide you a balanced view and a true evaluation of your individual case. After all, you want to hire an attorney who is familiar with the process that an insurance company uses to evaluate and defend their costs.


Put candidly, you want someone who knows “how the other side thinks” and what they are most likely to do and say if your case goes to a jury. You also want an advocate who is respected by other attorneys and the insurance companies as a worthy adversary. Noel H. Benedict & Associates looks out for your best interests before your case ever reaches trial. A good attorney doesn’t promise you what you want to hear; he tells you what you need to know to get good results.

Common Personal Injury Questions

Why do I need an attorney if I get injured?


I was a passenger in a car wreck. Who covers my injury expenses? Do I have any legal rights?


What is the difference between the responsibility of my insurance company and the insurer of the person who hit me?


Should I hire an attorney when the injuries are severe and the insurance company has told me they are offering me all the insurance coverage there is?


What is the difference between personal injury and property damage?


Do I have to be hurt to collect money from an insurance company? What if just my car is damaged?


What do I, the injured client, need to do while you handle my case?


How do I know when it is time to settle?


My health insurer is saying this was a car accident and they won’t pay for an injury, and my doctor is saying I have to self pay? Are they right?


How important is medical payment coverage and what exactly is it, anyway?


But how is Med Pay coverage different than the rest of the car insurance coverage?


I was in a wreck and I really thought I was okay. I even told the police I was okay. But the next morning, I was really hurting! Have I ruined my chances of getting insurance to pay for my injuries?


At the emergency room, they took x-rays and told me I was okay. But I am still hurting and it’s been weeks now. Is an x-ray alone enough to show if I’m hurt?


Bu does hiring an attorney mean I have to lose part of my money I should have been entitled to anyway?


I can go on the internet and find the “true” value of my car, but the insurance company won’t pay me that amount.


Can I use internet statistics to value my own injury case?