Divorce & Family Law

family lawNo other areas can leave us more vulnerable or touch us as deeply as those issues that affect our children, our spouses, and our relatives.


Domestic relations and family law have always been a part of Noel H. Benedict & Associates’ client services. We represent your best interests when you are undergoing a divorce or separation, trying to resolve child support, child custody, child visitation, juvenile court, name changes, family violence, court petitions, and any other case that might arise within the family circle. Noel H. Benedict & Associates will help you understand the importance of all of your options as you make transitional decisions that will affect the rest of your life at this difficult time.


We can provide a set fee for an uncontested divorce, or provide you with an hourly rate schedule for contested divorces or divorces involving children. Our goal is to provide excellent service for a reasonable fee. Some attorneys may encourage you to personalize the struggle, get mad, and fight over the smallest details, all the while leaving the meter running on their fees. If you want to fight over the couch at our hourly fee, you certainly can, but we may tactfully point out that you might prefer to buy a new one with the money you did not spend fighting over the old one!


We help you fight the battles that are worth fighting, even as we try to remind you which battles are the important ones. Don’t be taken advantage of, especially by your own attorney! Call Noel H. Benedict & Associates for a free and confidential consultation of your personal situation.